Wheelie Bin TURNaROUND

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The ideal addition to your Wheelie Bin.

The Wheelie Bin TURNaROUND is a simple DIY plate which can be attached to the bottom of a Wheelie Bin, allowing it to be turrned round on the spot with one hand. 

No special tools are required and it can be fitted in minutes.

As many of you know when your bin is parked against a wall the handle is also against the wall to allow the lid to open from the front to place your waste in the bin. When the time comes to take the bin to curb side for empyting, the handle is against the wall and it can be difficult to turn the bin round to move it.

With the Wheelie Bin TURNaROUND attachment the bin can be tipped forward slightly off its wheels and spun round on the spot so the handle is at the front. When parking the bin, again it can be tipped off its wheels, spun round and returned to its home position.

Kit A available for 70kg (140 Litre) width 49xcm depth 55cm height 106cm. 
Kit B available for 110kg (240 Litre) width 58cm depth 74cm height 106cm. 

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