Bow Arm Door Converter

It is impossible to fit an automatic garage door operator to a canopy type garage door without the use of a Bow Arm Door Converter. This is because if you try to open and close a canopy type door by just pulling and pushing at the top of the door (as an automatic garage door operator would) you get a mechanical lock which makes it impossible! By installing our Bow Arm Canopy Door Converter you over come this problem as not only does it pull the top of the door, it also kicks out the bottom of the garage door, due to the Bow Arm that the carriage runs on, thus eliminating the mechanical lock.BowArm, canopy converter

We also supply a Towing Arm for the Bow Arm. This is sold seperately as it is only required with some types of Garage Door Operators. It is the arm which connects the Bow Arm to the Carriage on the Garage Door Operator. Check your model to see if you require this part.

The Bow Arm is available from just £64.80 inc VAT.

  • Fits all types of canopy doors.
  • Easy fitting.
  • Neat and robust.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Suitable for even the heaviest double canopy doors.