Phantom® Curtain Motor

The Phantom® curtain motor (curtain puller) is an electrically operated, automatic curtain opening and closing unit. 

Increase your home security and reduce those costly fuel bills in the winter months with the use of a Timer or Light Time Sensor.

The Timer option requires a Timer Interface and Timer (sold separately). This option allows you to automatically open and close the curtains even if you are not home. It will also close the curtains and put on a table lamp to create a real lived in appearance, whilst helping to keep the heat in and the cold out!

The Light Time Sensor operates the curtains at dawn and dusk. However, it is possible to set the time at which the curtains will open, meaning the curtains will always open at a set time and close when it gets dark. This eliminates the curtains opening very early in the summer months. This is very beneficial if this system is employed in a bedroom!

These automatic systems are also hugely beneficial for disabled people as once set up they operate automatically without the need for any heavy pulling of the curtains or buttons to be pressed.

Both of these systems can be added to the Basic and Radio controlled Curtain Motor. The Basic Curtain Motor operates with the use of a button attached to the Curtain Motor on two metres of cable. The Radio Controlled Curtain Motor is operated with the use of a transmitter.

The Curtain Motor will operate on any shape or length of heavy duty continuous corded track (3mm diameter cord) providing the weight of pull on the cord is not greater than 9kg.

It is also possible to use our automatic Curtain Motor on corded poles, meaning you do not have to sacrifice the internal design of your room to have motorized curtains.

Due to the special design of the Curtain Motor it can be used as either a left or right hand unit in one, eliminating the need to order different units. 

Available from just £162.00 (inc VAT)

  • Multiple switching options - simple plug in installation
  • Provides increased home security.
  • Fits all types of continuously corded curtain track.
  • High-powered motor - can be used on even the heaviest curtains
  • Cut off feature in case of cord failure to prevent overheating
  • Complete with 1 metre of mains cable and plug.
  • Easy installation.